-+ Fashion Tinged with Danger +-

I usually only use photos that were taken the day I posted them, this photo is from yesterday. I have been panning everything since I bought a monopod. I thought it would be great to capture someone walking with one of those roller bags. The thought went to the back of my head for a few hours until I was walking with a couple school friends. I don't know anything about fashion ... but to me this photo says a lot about fashion. Joyce's leopard skin jacket represents of the past hundred years of fashion. (The past few thousand years if you count the Flintstones.) The most significant fashion item is Lechaun's carry-on bag. I have a theory that the wheeled carry-on will be the largest fashion trend of Post 9-11. It's similar to the camouflage in fashion. There were travel industry-induced trends in the past. But we live in a time when being a carry-on toting stewardess is as dangerous a job as being a camouflaged soldier in combat. (Well, not quite.) I hope that's behind us now.

I was suppose to have a class tonight but I dropped it before I started. I'm still a full-time student. I was advised against taking it this semester because of the involvement of my other classes.