} Bright Sun-Shiny Day {

Today had to be the wasrmest day of the year yet. Went to go see an interesting exhibit at the Hirshhorn. The only problem was there were way too many folks there. I saw people I knew I didn't even get a chance to say hi to. Much later, while walking home from a friend's house tonight I saw a man running on the otherside of the street. He ran through part of a yard then i saw him buckle. He ran right into a waist-high metal fence and folded himself in half. I thought he might be impailed for a moment, then he started to move again and slowly got up. He recieved a lot of laughs from passers-by. Don't drink and run. I passed by another incident by my house were a man out of a second story window. He was being questioned in an alley stairwell by the police and paramedics.