Panning for Gold, Settling for a Station Wagon

I thought class started at 1:30 it started at 5:30, wrong day. That was okay; I had time to post some things on Craig's List to sell. I also sent a courtesy photo of a congressman to a small weekly paper in California. They said they would send me a couple copies of the paper. Although I would like something bigger, they would be beneficial to my portfolio, so I agreed.

In our Decisive Moments Class we went down to the skate rink in Freedom Plaza. There were no skaters so we all took turns running around on the ice. Of course I was the only one injured. While attempting to take a photograph while I slide in front of the entire class, I fell ... with my camera and monopod. My camera still works but I chipped a dial on it. Both of my knees are bruised. Ouch.